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   Banner Design: How it Works?

    DesignerHot has a simple, fool proof banner design process in place which has resulted in hundreds of eye-catching, successful, high CTR banners. Here’s our process in brief.

    Step 1: Customer selects a banner package
    First, you as a customer will select an appropriate banner packages from the list of 5 banner design packages. This gives you the flexibility and ease to choose a service that matches your requirements.

    Step 2: Fill in the details and order
    Once you click the required package, the next page will take you through a simple ordering process. Fill in the order form with the required detail such as Banner Size, Banner Type (Animated, Static or HTML), banner text, Main focus of the banner, target audience, Other details such as colors, graphics, search boxes, etc. if you would like us to see a banner, we would welcome that. If you need advice on the type of banner you should have, mention that here. 

    Step 3: Understanding and planning
    Once we get the details, we start the banner design process with the planning phase. This involves understanding your need, your marketing objective, understanding your target audience and conducting market research and analysis in order to understand the competition and the best banner design practices in your specific industry.

    Step 4: Creative development
    It starts with brainstorming and results in a nicely crafted banner design using technologies such as html, enriched media, flash, java etc and creating images and developing text. The text and graphics are nicely blended in order to create a powerful banner that emphasizes the client’s goals.

    Step 5: Size Optimization
    Next, the banner is optimized for the required size and tested for any issues. Issues are resolved accordingly.

    Step 6: View, approve and review
    Within 48 hours of placement of the order, you will get an email with a link to the banner that we have designed for you. You can then let us know if you like it as it is or want any changes in it. We will then make changes accordingly and you will soon have a banner that you can use for advertising.
    Successful advertising is just a few clicks away. View our range of banner packages to choose the one that suits you. We are sure that we can meet your banner design needs both for offline and online purposes.  


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