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   Landing Design: FAQ's

Q1. What is a landing page?

A. A landing page, just as its name suggests, is the page on your website on which the visitor lands on. Usually it’s an inner page on the website with specific information about a sales promotion to which targeted visitors are referred through different marketing techniques such as e-mail.

Q2. Why do I need a professionally designed landing page?

A. DesignerHot has a team of talented, dynamic landing page designers and experts who can create landing pages that can covert traffic into sales. When you invest resources into marketing, you do not want to lose at the last step. So once the leads are there on your website, you have only about 2 minutes to engage them, tell about your product/services and get them to take action. This is not as simple as it may seem. A lot of thinking, research and design work is involved which is why it is best to outsource landing page design and optimization to experts.

Q3. How can I benefit from a landing page?

A. The landing page can play a pivotal role in your current and future marketing campaigns. Landing pages in conjunction with direct mail are a tested, successful form of online advertising- a great way to give targeted customers, targeted information and then lure them to make conversions. Moreover, landing pages are designed so that they can help you assess your marketing success with the help of tools such as click through rate, conversion ratio etc. this helps businessmen and marketers develop better marketing techniques, and identify leads for future promotion.

Q4. Does a landing page mean only 1 page?

A. Landing page design may include 2-3 pages according to customer’s specific needs. Associated pages are the thank you page for example. Needs of every customer are assessed and experts at DesignerHot carefully plan the required number of landing page pages. Talk to us if you are not sure, and we will guide you through it.

Q5. What does a landing page entail?

A. A landing page usually has campaign text, brand identifiers such as logos, offer-specific information. The landing page may also ask for information such as name, email. The landing page has a clear call to action message, which may include ordering, submitting information, registering, sign up for newsletters, future promotions, email notices etc.

Q6. I have an existing landing page, can you redesign it?

A. Yes we can.

Q7. What is Landing Page Optimization?

A. Landing Page Optimization or webpage optimization refers to the internet marketing process which aims to improve a visitor's perception of a website. The process aims to present a webpage content and appearance such that it is most captivating and appealing for its target viewers.

Q8. How will I order?

A. Ordering your landing page is easy. Simply click the package that suits you best on our landing page design packages page. Then click the order tab and fill in the details. Incase if you have any problem, contact us straight away.

Q9. What technology do you use for landing page design?

A. DesignerHot employs the latest tools and techniques to build top of the line landing pages. Some of the technologies used include ASP, .Net, CMS, PHP, Java Scripting, etc.

Q10. Are your landing pages seo friendly?

A. All our designs are seo friendly. In today’s world, it is imperative for landing pages’ design and development to be consistent with search engine standards and we take care of that.

Q11. How will I view my landing page design?

A. As soon as your design is ready for view, you will be notified via email which will also contain a link to the landing page design. You can also view it by logging in to your customer account.

Q12. Can I show you a few examples of the type of landing pages I’m looking for?

A. Yes. We welcome suggestions from you as that will better enable us to understand the type of landing page design you are looking for.

Q13. What if I am not happy with the landing page design you have made?

A. Customer Satisfaction is our strength. We will work tirelessly unless you are happy with your landing page design.

Q14. How soon will I get to see the landing page design?

A. We don’t keep our clients waiting. You will be able to see your design just after 48 hours of placing the order.

Q15. What is the payment procedure?

A. We don’t keep our clients waiting. You will be able to see your design just after 48 hours of placing the order.

Q16. How can I contact you?

A. Simply fill up the contact form to get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.



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