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   Logo Design: FAQ's

Q1.1. Why do I need a logo design from a professional company?

A. Despite its small size, a logo says a great deal about you, your company and what you have to offer. It is the first thing a potential client looks at. It is your public face. Hence you need a logo design that is attractive, portrays your business and helps build your brand identity. For all these reasons, it’s imperative that you invest in professional logo design as you don’t want to waste time and effort into building up a not-so-good logo.

Q2. What credentials do the DesignerHot logo designers have?

A. DesignerHot hires the top logo designers in the industry who have years of experience in logo design with most having a degree in graphic designing. Our designers have designed hundreds of logos and are familiar with latest tools for logo design to create eye catching logos for clients

Q3. I have a logo which I want to be recreated in vector format. Can you do that?

A.Sure, we can do that for you.

Q4. How will I order?

A. Ordering your logo is easy. Simply click the package that suits you best on our logo design packages page. Then click the order tab and fill in the details. Incase if you have any problem, contact us straight away.

Q5. In which format will you give the logo?

A. We will provide final logo to you in multiple file formats so that you can easily use them on web or print. Common formats we give logo in are
  • AI: Adobe Illustrator which is usually what web designers and printers need.
  • EPS: the Encapsulated Postscript format which is Vector based, and an importable file for most desktop publishing software
  • PSD: the Photoshop file format which will allow image editing, if you so desire later on
  • PNG: the portable network graphics
  • GIF. Which is the popular format for the web and can be seen from any browser.
If you need your logo in any other format, we will be able to provide that on request.

Q6. How will I view my logo designs?

A. As soon as your logo designs are ready for view, you will be notified via email which will also contain a link to the logo design concepts. You can also view logos made so far for you by logging in to your customer account at any time.

Q7. Who will own the rights of ownership of the logo?

A. You will own the complete rights to your logo.

Q8. Can I show you a few example of the type of logo I’m looking for?

A. Yes. We welcome suggestions from you as that will better enable us to understand the type of logo you are looking for.

Q9. How many concepts will I be shown?

A. Number of logo concepts depends on the package you choose.

Q10. How many times can I have the logo revised if I am not satisfied?

A. Customer Satisfaction is our strength. We will work tirelessly unless you are happy with your logo.

Q11. How are your rates as compared to other online logo design companies?

A. Even if we are modest about it, our prices are a fraction of what other logo design companies charge. Check out our logo design packages for more details. We have slashed costs which has enabled us to successfully deliver high quality logos at the cheapest rates.

Q12. I want a customized logo design package. Is that possible?

A. If you did not find a package that suits your needs in any of the 7 logo design packages we offer, contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We will try to tailor a solution especially for you.

Q13. How soon will I get to see the logo?

A. We don’t keep our clients waiting. You will be able to see your logo just 48 hours after placing the order.



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