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Patient Management Software by DesignerHot help different health care facilities like hospitals and clinics to streamline the patient care process by coordinating crucial events from admission to discharge. It facilitates concerning authorities in getting real-time data and task coordination tools that are required to increase hospital capacity.
How it Helps Health Care Facilities?
  • DesignerHot Patient Management System provides a complete record of a patient, tracking their service and procedure progress, from the time of admission to discharge.
  • Facilitates day of discharge tasks to balance admission volume with discharges.
  • Provides highly synchronized diagnostic and service queues, which enable all the concerning departments to keep track of what is next for the patient and whether he/she is on or off the unit.
  • DesignerHot’s patient management system also allows for patient tracking of Core Measure patients and help in determining hospital performance keeping in view the key performance indicators.
  • DesignerHot’s patient management software provides a real-time dashboard that gives the opportunity of up-to-the-minute census and feedback on patient flow process performance, including LOS, bed turns, and diagnostic turnarounds.

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