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   Web Design: FAQ's

Q1. Who do you design websites for?

A. We design websites for big corporations, small to medium size businesses, NGOs, government agencies and individuals. We cater to all industries and design all types of websites for both commercial and non commercial use.

Q2. I’m looking for a unique, custom made website design, but have no clue on what it really should be. Can you help?

A. DesignerHot has a team of talented, dynamic website designers who have created hundreds of successful unique website designs. Designing is not only their job, but it also their passion. Hence, they will love to design a website for you. Even if you don’t have any idea on what you really want, trust the designers and they will come up with an appealing website design just for you.

Q3. I need advice on my website design issues. Can you help me.

A. Yes we can. Send in your queries in the contact form and we will guide you as much as we can.

Q4. Can you redesign existing websites?

A.Yes we can.

Q5. What about the domain name and hosting?

A. If you want us to get it, we can get it for you. Contact us for further details.

Q6. How will I order?

A. Ordering your website design is easy. Simply click the package that suits you best on our website design packages page. Then click the order tab and fill in the details. Incase if you have any problem, contact us straight away.

Q7. What technology do you use for website design?

A. DesignerHot employs the latest tools and techniques to build top of the line website designs. Some of the technologies used include ASP, .Net, CMS, PHP, Java Scripting, etc.

Q8. Can you develop database driven websites?

A. We sure can. Our developers have vast experience with working with SQL and MySql websites.

Q9. I don’t have content for my website; can you write that for me?

A. Yes, we offer content writing services in addition with website design in some of our website design packages. Choose from amongst those in order to avail our professional and affordable website content writing services.

Q10. Can you develop a website in flash?

A. Yes we can.

Q11. Can you create dynamic websites?

A. Yes we can.

Q12. Are your website designs seo friendly?

A. All our designs are seo friendly. In today’s world, it is imperative for website design and development to be consistent with search engine standards and we take care of that.

Q13. What about future support?

A. DesignerHot offers free support for the website for 1 month after delivering the product. In case any issue which arises within that time, we will fix it and ensure that you have a fully functional, reliable website up and about.

Q14. How will I view my website design?

A. As soon as your website design is ready for view, you will be notified via email which will also contain a link to the website design. You can also view it by logging in to your customer account.

Q15. Will I own the website design?

A. Yes, you will own the complete rights to your website.

Q16. Can I show you a few examples of the type of website I’m looking for?

A. Yes. We welcome suggestions from you as that will better enable us to understand the type of website design you are looking for.

Q17. How many times can I have the website revised if I am not satisfied?

A. Customer Satisfaction is our strength. We will work tirelessly unless you are happy with your website design.

Q18. How are your rates as compared to other online website design companies?

A. Even if we are modest about it, our prices are a fraction of what other website design companies charge. Check out our website design packages for more details. We have slashed costs which has enabled us to successfully deliver high quality websites at the cheapest rates.

Q19. I want a customized website design package. Is that possible?

A. If you did not find a package that suits your needs in any of the website design packages we offer, contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We will try to tailor a solution especially for you.

Q20. How soon will I get to see the website design?

A. We don’t keep our clients waiting. You will be able to see your website design just 72 hours after placing the order.

Q21. What is the payment procedure?

A. We accept credit cards through 2checkout and paypal. However, we do not accept money order and cheques.

Q22. How can I contact you?

A. Simply fill up the contact form to get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.



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