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   Web Design: How it work?

Don’t rack your brains trying to learn CSS or html, or hire expensive website designer. DesignerHot offers professional, customized website designs at affordable rates. Here’s the process made simple for you.

Step 1: Select the right website package

DesignerHot has a range of website design packages which have been developed to suit various business needs. We have kept the prices strikingly low for each. Check out the details of packages on our website design packages page. Click the package of your choice.

Step 2: Fill in the details and order

This step is important as it will help us understand you, your business and your website design requirements. In the form that appears after you select the package, fill in the relevant details such as website name, category of design, preferred colors, industry and any example web sites which you wish to show us.

v Step 3: Planning, defining and designing

Then our expert website designers will plan a website layout and design keeping in mind your industry, business, target audience and website purpose. Years of work in this field has led our website designers to get a grasp of the whole concept the user wants quickly and clearly and then they work around that. They develop the layout, design, the look and feel of the website, the structure, make the sitemap, play with the colors to get the one they feel suits the company image and message and is coherent with what the user is looking for. In all of this, our designers ensure that the website design itself communicates the message it is supposed to. The designers rest only once the design is complete and one they are satisfied with.

Step 4: Development

Next the website is developed and integrated if the package requires that. Relevant content is written by our professional content writers if the package requires and the website is tested.

Step 5: View, approve and review

Within 72 hours of placement of the order, you will get to view the website and you can let us know if you want any changes or additions and we will tailor it for you straightaway.

Step 6: Download and launch

Once the final website is developed, you can download it from your customer account. It will be available for you to in a ready-to-publish format.

Step 7: Support

DesignerHot will be available to solve any problem in the website in the future.
Choose your website design package and order your website design now. We are sure you will be happy to see the perfect web design for you in the next 72 hours. 


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